The application to generate shifts. to track absences. to inform Management. to inform Employees. to colaborate. for employees. for managers. for hr. for everyone!

About MyShifts

MyShifts is a CNR Consulting creation. It is the result of 20 years experience in business consulting, web application development, market analysis and needs.
Our goal was to create an application that will be user-friendly, serve the needs of employees, serve the needs of administration while at the same time automate the vast majority of tasks that the process involves.
Based on our experience, all of our clients spend a great deal of time around the process of shifts, shift alterations, labor spreadsheets etc. Why waste productive time ?
Employees should spend their time productively, managing, selling, producing and not crunching their brain to arrange shifts.
This is what led us to the creation of MyShifts. One application for everyone, fully automated, avoiding paper-work and paper waste, fully dynamic to reflect every company's business hierarchy.

Keep your eyes on the job, let do the rest for you. a CNR-Consulting cretion

Why MyShifts

Fully Web

No infrastructure, no installation, no software setup, no special app, no maintenance, no initial investment. Every user can operate from their PC, Phone, Tablet of choice. All you need is an internet connection.

Real Time

All changes or adjustments to the data are taking place real-time and are available real-time.

AI Mechanics

Have historical data? Great! MyShifts AI, can use your KPIs and indexes to generate shift proposals based on your patterns and company trends.


All of our customer requests are operated via our support platform and our agents are eager to assist you.


All data in MyShifts are available via web services. You get the data and create any report that you require on premises of your own company.

Versions & Upgrade

Any version changes and upgrades that are conducted, are readily available to the end user. This means no delays and immediate response to any changes available.

Key Features

What makes MyShifts stand out.

Ready to go out-of-the-box!

Our unique and simple project design gives you the maximum result with the least effort. Within minutes, your company setup can be placed into action! Add your employees and you are ready-to-go!.

Automate your Shifts

A new and exciting way to keep shifts, records, vacations, notifications etc. Get rid of all those anoying excel sheets, old-fashioned paper trails and endless hours to figure out how to setup employment shifts.

Live tracking

Have complete control over your employees, their vacations, paid leaves, sick days etc. Approve or Reject employee absence applications with the click of a button on your phone in MyShift's approval system. Fast, easy, efficient!

Eliminate paper and paper-work

MyShifts uses a role based system.
Coupled with MyShift's online application system, and fully digital approval mechanism, you can all together minimize if not completely eliminate any paper-work. Save the planet and at the same time, save company's costs in paper and printing.

No Maintenance Fees, No Initial Setup Costs!

That's right! You will never pay for maintenance, version releases, upgrades etc. MyShifts is fully operable out-of-the-box. This means, you add your company projects and hierarchy, the employees and off you go! Investment costs? Nope! All you need to invest is a little time.

Easy to Use, User Friendly

We have spend a lot of time making MyShifts easy to use and we made it! This means, minimum training, no need for special configurations. Should someone have the need to seek more information, our on-line manual is always there to assist you.

Shift Swapping

MyShifts approval system processes all shift swaps automatically. Give your employees the power to swap their shifts amongst them while keeping the final approval by your administration, by a click of a button.

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